Nutrition is one of the basic foundations for your health. Every Integrative Medicine consultation addresses nutrition, and which dietary plan would be best for you based on your health history, goals, genetics, and what is realistic for you. We do offer lab testing for micronutrient status, allowing you to see which nutrients you may be deficient in, or potentially consuming too much of through excessive supplementation. 

A challenge many people have includes not only knowing what to eat, but how to implement dietary changes into their busy lives. Whether it be helping with grocery shopping tips, meal prepping, restaurant menu guidelines, or recipes, we want you to feel comfortable and satisfied with your food choices. 


We do not believe diets are one size fits all, and we do not set unrealistic expectations. Even changing one part of your diet at a time is beneficial. The goal is to find a dietary plan that you can sustain long-term, while still enjoying your life.

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