Natural Cold & Flu Prevention

Cold and flu season is active and upon us. It is time to take preventative action now. We know it is easier to prevent actually getting the flu or a pesky cold than it is to treat it, or miserably wait for it to take its course. Some of the simple steps you know, and they can make a big difference - but there are some "new" natural ideas you can try too.

  • Handwashing and getting plenty of sleep lay the foundation for a healthy immune system.

  • Watch your sugar intake. Adults who have a high sugar consumption are almost twice as likely to develop upper respiratory infections.

  • We know vitamin C, zinc, elderberry and other staples have long been used to ward off the sniffles.

  • If you need more support, consider colostrum capsules. Colostrum is high in immunoglobulins especially IgG, which is found in breast milk. Lactoferrin is also found in colostrum and acts by protecting mucus membranes in both the nasal passages and the gut. It is available in supplement form.

  • For daily support, try Astragalus an Indian herb which promotes a healthy immune system.

  • Mushrooms and their extracts especially Beta-glucan provide a variety of benefits to the immune system . Make yourself mushroom soup using non button type mushrooms and combine them with onion , garlic and ginger for a warming, germ fighting nourishing medley.

  • Don’t forget your probiotics. Specifically look for one that contains Saccharomyces cerevisiae for optimum protection.

Many high quality supplements are available to help your body fight off colds and flu but there is no pill that will take the place of healthy living in the first place.

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